A Tigerfly Blooms

Preview: The Tolce Moon – On the amethyst jungle-moon, a female tigerfly nestles in thick vegetation. Tending to the first of her cubs to bloom this season. Two full-grown males join in welcoming the new member, a barrage of indigo and tangerine.

A Giant in Repose

Preview: Hyperion V – We live in a time of perpetual war, plaguing a myriad of galaxies and planes of existence. Yet, none more cosmically pertinent than those witnessed by this Zerate giant. Sighted among a never-ending range of emerald peaks and valleys steeped in cottony pink clouds. Farthest point from a frontline.

Curiously Dangerous

Preview: Mondo Crabs are an interesting species, more curious than malicious. Yet destructive in nature. Known to snap sails while trying to pick them up for observation. It lives as a sacred island colonized by pilgrims who settled there over 200 years ago.


Preview: Asteroid Secretly afloat in an asteroid on the third ring of a planet circling two blue stars. A temple is carved within where kings and emperors prayed. A totem is always waiting.

A Spy in Spirit

Preview: Marathon – Onyx wings cleave apart the fabric of our reality. The Maiden Guide and her mythical winged-beast Sarathin have been revealed to invisible eyes. A harvester of vanquished spirits, the battle goddess of death among conscripts has come to rescue a lost light. Cloaked in scarlet, emblazoned ruins, the iconic staff – it’s her, in spirit.